Our experience with commercial properties runs deep—over 35 years updating large office complex and established properties. Often these kinds of properties have become over grown or simply taken on an eclectic look due to a revolving clientele. Perhaps its retail makeover time, the moment for a rejuvenating, crisp new look. A little curb appeal can help attract that new sought after client. In today’s volatile building market, we add value to your investment by embellishing your properties with an overall stunning visual statement. A Kendrick & O'Dell design instantly sets you apart from your competitors.

We guide you through the entire process: consulting, designing, installing and maintaining! Whether that means zoning requirements, engineering, architect design, or comprehensive maintenance, we stay with you until we know you’re completely satisfied. With Kendrick & O'Dell you can be confident you’ll get top quality at every level. We’re committed to using the best quality plants and trees, the best soil, and the best transplant practices to make sure your investment is protected. Our efficient, conscientious and hardworking crews will make sure you meet whatever deadlines you face. Sow with us; reap a reward!

“As a developer, I’m looking for long-term, mutually satisfying and dependable relationships. I’ve been working with Dan and Kevin for nearly 25 years, which says everything. To me it all starts with character. Besides being great guys, they’re dependable, ultra-responsive and obsessed with quality. We count on them for whatever we need. They get the job done and they do it right!”

Mike Ricke, Executive Vice President of Anchor Properties in Covington, Kentucky

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