The 2008 Cincinnati Flower Show
• The top "Best in Show" award at the Cincinnati Flower Show, 2008, went to Kendrick & O'Dell, for the floral design and installation providing the ambiance of a French sidewalk cafe at the Café des Fleurs in the show's Grand Marquee.
• Kendrick & O'Dell also received the Governor's Award under the professional category for "The most outstanding display of forced plant material".
• Additionally Kendrick & O'Dell received a Gold Medal from the CHS (Cincinnati Horticultural Society) with a score of ninety-nine from the judges. Midwest Landscape Network, (Kendrick & O'Dell is a significant contributor) won a gold medal from the CHS and also the CHS Award, Professional Category for "Outstanding horticultural achievement by a Gold Medal Winner".
• On the 15th anniversary of the show, Kevin O'Dell was deeply honored by the CHS with an award to be given annually in his name, "In Recognition of Extra Effort and Loyalty to The Cincinnati Flower Show". Rose Bohan was given this award in 2008 for her significant volunteerism.

Cincinnati Flower Show cafe Cincinnati Flower Show exhibit Cincinnati Flower Show cafe

Desperate Landscapes for DIY TV Network
• On May 8th, the Today Show is going to announce the final four contestants for the Most Desperate Landscape. On June 2nd and 3rd, a winner will be chosen, and Kendrick & O'Dell will be traveling to the location to provide the landscaping. The project will air on the Today Show on June 5th.

• Kendrick & O’Dell has enjoyed bringing their design and installation expertise to over one hundred episodes of Desperate Landscapes [on the DIY network].

Desperate Landscapes design Desperate Landscapes design Desperate Landscapes design

2007 The Cincinnati Flower Show
- Gold Medal from the Cincinnati Horticultural Society
- Chicago Horticultural Society Flower Show Medal:
“An exhibit showing outstanding horticultural skill and knowledge”

2006 The Cincinnati Flower Show
- Gold Medal from the Cincinnati Horticultural Society
- Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Award:
“Recognizing the Garden with the Most Distinctive Display”

Kendrick & O’Dell is simply a pleasure to work with. They’ve now done the design and installation for over two dozen episodes of Desperate Landscapes [on the DIY network]. They and their entire staff are so creative and competent. You always know the quality is going to be excellent. They’re not your typical ‘out of the box’ landscapers but are always looking for new, interesting plants that suit the project perfectly.”

Stan Elliot, VP and Production Mgr. for JayTV, creator of Desperate Landscapes for the DIY TV Network

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