Kendrick & O'Dell is deeply committed to learning. An ever-growing knowledge base of of changing environmental issues such area pests, soil, plant species and so on, is being acquired through continual education. Speaker series lectures, personal research, and shared knowledge in the horticultural community allows Kendrick & O'Dell to utilize the best stewardship practices available to date.

Our philosophy drives and shapes our work, so if you’re considering us as someone to manage your “green assets,” you first need to know something about our philosophy.

We believe in good stewardship. Caring for your “living resources” matters to us, and the best care is always rooted in knowledge. As expert gardeners, we know how to care for your green space.

We believe in following the best horticultural practices. For each plant species we provide what is needed when it’s needed. (E.g., we don’t spray all plants just because one plant needs it.) We practice integrated plant management and create a holistic time-line of appropriate care that addresses the real needs of your organic assets.

We believe your green space affects the value itself of your home and property. We protect your investment as fiercely as we would our own. If we do our part, then your part matures into something of greater value.

We believe our work should be context-sensitive, taking into account your space, lifestyle, and budget.

We believe a big-picture, long-term view will serve you better than a myopic, short-term view. We want the garden you plant today to grow into the garden you’ve always dreamed of having.

So we’re not a “mow and blow” company. We don’t mulch out of season just because it’s pretty. Superficial cosmetics and uninformed care don’t serve you in the long run. Expert horticultural care, however, has returns that last beyond a lifetime.

Kendrick & O'Dell nursery Kendrick & O'Dell nursery Kendrick & O'Dell nursery
Kendrick & O'Dell nursery Kendrick & O'Dell nursery Kendrick & O'Dell nursery

  • Services
    Our services include but are not limited to:
    • soil testing
    • diagnosis of nutrient needs for plants, shrubs, trees & lawn
    • fertilization (liquid, foliar, granular)
    • insect and disease control
    • complete plant bed management
    • weed control
    • mulching / mowing
    • expert pruning
    • seeding / sodding
    • irrigation programming & monitoring
    • drain tile & catch basin installation
    • proper grading
    • deer netting, deer repellent, deer fence
  • “Much of this is just who we are. We’re not just horticulturalists with a passion for plants and trees and design. We go to Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati. We love fresh fruits and vegetables and buy from roadside stands. We’re outdoor people who have lived on farms and grown up around nature. We’re at work when the sun rises and work hard until it sets. It’s like this for all of us.”

    Kevin O'Dell,
    Kendrick & O'Dell

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